NTU Architecture Subject Group

Atelier 6

Reimagining Urban Living Architecture for People

Cities are the theatres of life’s, and many scholars, designers, urbanists, economists, geographers, anthropologist view the concept of liveability and liveable cities in terms of empowering people with the real choice of where and how they live – it’s about creating opportunities, social activities, employment, vibrancy, conviviality, communities that embrace pluralism and diversity and above all offer flexible and sustainable living environments.

The project encourages students to study and explore the notion of ‘livability’ and ‘sustainability’ that is architecturally manifested through - reinventing and reimagining creative urban living solutions that not only solve todays problems associated with social housing (quality, accessibility, affordability to name a few..) but are also exemplar design propositions, as a model for the future - responding to the changing dynamics in our evolving societal aspirations.

You are expected to design an urban living environment as part of your ‘urban living mixed use development brief’ which you will develop in detail - embracing pluralism and diversity, community living, performativity, social interaction and vitality whilst amplifying the residents lived experience, and championing the spirit of the collective. Integral to your program is creation of a mixed-use development with a new civic space keeping site matters and the local context in mind.

Indicative spaces and amenities that could possibly be part of the scheme are shared gardens, community courtyards, Studio and Workshop for making, exchange of ideas and startups, Gym, Café, Community kitchen, residential, retail and a public space. You are encouraged to develop your bespoke program within the framework of the atelier focusing on the civic nature of architecture, and urban living.

Design Lead Tutor
Manish Mandhar
Guest Reviewer
Eddie Chan
Technology Tutor
Lois Woods
Theory Tutor
Tom Hughes