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Traffic Street Community Centre, Nottingham

The brief was to create a viable and vibrant community centre with an exhibition hall on behalf of Nottingham City Council in order to regenerate the area as part of the designated regeneration zones of Nottingham city centre.

The scheme consists of an exhibition space, cafe, classrooms, galleries and sensory room.

Bobo Moyo
Student name
Bobo Moyo
Architectural Technology
External Render

External Render

Project Overview

Nottingham City Council's aim is to regenerate The Meadows by creating a community centre that will revitalise the area. The facility aims to create a link between The Meadow area and City Centre and bring the two areas together. Nottingham City Council endeavours to be the first "Carbon-Neutral" city in the UK. This was taken into consideration through using net 0 carbon within the scheme to achieve BREEAM points. The use of CLT materials for the internal walls will help the scheme achieve a high BREEAM score. The building is orientated to the south elevation to, similarly, achieve environmental sustainability. This was maximised through the use of curtain walls to allow natural light within the building. The intention with the scheme was to achieve a combined BREEAM score of 'Excellent'.

Architectural Technology

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