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The hUb, Milton Keynes

The hUb is a Mental Health Centre complete with facilities such as; accommodation for in-patient admissions, group and individual therapy rooms, an outdoor garden area and other recreational spaces for the human need.

The main aim of the design was to provide an emotional connection to nature. The incorporation of biophilic design has been strategically used in and around the building. In addition to this, the project utilises many glazed curtain wall systems, and this is to provide an inside-outside connectivity to the trees, plants, vegetation ultimately providing that emotional connection to nature throughout the building.

John-Joel Ikiebe
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John-Joel Ikiebe
Architectural Technology
Evening View

Evening View

About the student

Who is John-Joel Ikiebe? I am an out-going and adventurous individual who doesn't shy away from a challenge no matter the difficulty. I love innovation and creative thinking and try to let that show through all projects I am involved in; whether that be individual involvement, or group involvement. Going into final year straight from my second year on this course was definitely challenging but it provided me with new opportunities and learning experiences that I most certainly took away from. Also, with the extremely supportive staff that helped me throughout the year, I didn't feel completely lost not being with my year group in this new realm (if you will), and I also felt encouraged to express myself creatively through my work, whilst also maintaining that real AT aspect that would be needed in the corporate world. All in all, I am very pleased with the outcome of my final year project, as personally, this final year was very challenging for me, but I feel confident that I was able to bring to life the initial concept idea(s) I had for this project from the beginning of the year.

Architectural Technology

The BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology course is a professionally-focused gateway to a career in the architecture industry. Students explore how buildings are created, procured, constructed and managed, and develop a practical and imaginative approach to design through a project-based learning experience.

As specialists in architectural technology, our graduates are the link between concept and reality; learning to identify, assess and challenge client and user requirements, translating ideas and possibilities into effective, practical and sustainable building solutions.

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