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Journey of Plastic

My project is a catalyst to raise awareness about the issues surrounding plastic waste by connecting the wider urban community to the recycling process. This is achieved by implementing a new plastic recycling facility within the city center with the ability to transform plastic waste collected from the surrounding city into a new material in the form of 3D printing filament. This will promote the uses of 3d printing as a new form of manufacturing that will aid smaller or individual makers. All aspects of the recycling process can be viewed by the public. To create a transparent process to separate the facility from the stereotype of isolation usually applied to recycling plants.
My project also promotes a circular economic model through the promotion of plastic waste as a core material for new products that can be designed, made and perfected. This has been achieved by including studios, workshops and 3d printing facilities that have been equipped for a range for makers from novice makers right up to professional makers. The different facilities are divided by permeable atriums accessible by all to encourage interactions between the different types of makers.
The implementation of a recycling facility creates a truly circular economic system, spare material produced by professional makers can be used by the novice makers or recycled once more.

Andrew Raine
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Andrew Raine
BArch Architecture

BArch Architecture

The BArch (Hons) in Architecture course is focused on the creative and practical development of architectural design, investigated in a studio environment through a series of carefully considered practical and theoretical projects in a variety of spatial, social, cultural and topographical situations.

The purpose of the course is to align architectural concepts, thinking, techniques and values with current architectural thought and practice. It involves strategic thinking and creative imagination; problem-solving and research tasks; attention to detail and tectonic resolution; traditional and digital forms of representation; and public presentations and reviews. This course addresses the challenges of designing for diverse communities and cultures and develops Part 1 graduates with creative vision, practical skills and an ethical position in respect of the role of the architect in a globalised world.

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