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Therapy of The Arts (ToTA), London

Healthcare & Community | Childs Hill, London, UK | BREEAM Outstanding

The proposal involves the demolition of the existing infrastructure and the introduction of a state-of-the-art Arts Therapy Centre, to aid in the welfare of members of the local community.

An organic form centred around a biophilic atrium symbolises the heart of the project. The proposal consists of two storeys, including an accessible roof garden, and fully re-landscaped outdoor spaces including a Woodland Garden and a Therapeutic Garden.

Matilda Aghabeigi
Student name
Matilda Aghabeigi
Architectural Technology
Proposed Site Section.

Proposed Site Section.

Therapy of The Arts, ToTA.

The scheme will run in partnership with the NHS to accommodate the need for wider access to healthcare services. These services will be extended to accommodate approximately 300 persons and achieve a BREEAM Outstanding. Due to the site constraints, research was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of biophilic elements compared to fixed solar shading technologies at controlling natural light. The research indicated that a combination of tree shading and fixed vertical louvres at 0 degree fin rotation were the most effective at controlling natural light. This has been implemented throughout the facade design of the Major Study Project, concentrated in the East and South building orientations.

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