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Post Traumatic office

Today it is difficult to find predictable reasons to visit city centres, stricken with closures and lacking sustainable and viable businesses. Irrespective of these retail and event driven programmes failing, the Post Office continues to provide a critical service, and is still at the heart of everyday life exploiting the frequently made visits by large cross sections of the community. This project asks if a connection can be found in linking the everyday event to the potential of support the wellbeing of the community.

Swansea theatre is host to the project - which explores how architecture can generate a way to give agency to a community that suffers from dramatically low levels of mental health. The water damaged theatre is close to the rail terminus, a central location in the city and a common destination. The project seeks a way to allow an improvised event to support and stimulate a better state of mental health for the community; this would be done through drama therapy, which could reinvigorate the area surrounding the dilapidated theatre along with the high street, which has lost its identity and importance as an asset for the community. There is a steady desertion of the local area and along with this the unique character of the place

The use of pneumatic tubes is to signify the importance of old post offices and delivering letters throughout the building- the tubes form the crux of the building. They lead out to the façade of the building creating the excitement of seeing letters flying through the pneumatic tubes for the audience from the outside. The pipes also turn out to be a machine that delivers emotions in the form of letters to mental health patients. The performance of the theatre also leads onto the street where it can be viewed from the terrace balcony.

The aim of the proposal is to have a modern tech building without losing the historical impetus of the theatre and the post office supporting the therapy.

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Leander Gerald
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