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Parallax Journey – A Community Activity and Rest Centre
My original design thesis involved creating a journey, that later went on to inherently involve a pitstop. From these ideas, I developed the notions of parallax convergence for the journey. And the notion of the bench, for the pitstop. As such, these key ideas were used to develop my programme to create a unique contrasting concept of: ‘Journey’ and ‘Rest’.
The Building Programme _ Creating a Community Hub
‘The Bench’ Community Activity and Rest Centre exists as a large community hub that draws in people of all different ages and backgrounds. Providing a site that will redirect users from their existing journeys, so that they can use the rest and activity functionalities to relax or develop themselves.
Offering a range of sports and multi-use activity zones that sprawl the interior and exterior to allow people to take part or spectate others. Social spaces and community areas that stimulate social interaction. Whilst also providing therapeutic and education spaces to redevelop users who journey the site.
Parallax Convergence _ Redirecting People’s Journeys to Funnel Them to Site
The idea of parallax was used to convey how users converge to site and through my buildings, the idea that an array of lines converge to a point and expand back out. This translated with my other ideas and helped me produce this concept of convergence and journey. This is also transmitted in my plans and site strategy. Where I use the massing’s and internal plans to open and close views, project movement to funnel people through and around my masses. And provide areas of rest to provide pitstop for users. This open and closing also creates a dynamic that transcends what is seen from the outside and what is experienced with the buildings themselves.

Lucas Spence
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Lucas Spence
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