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The paradox of Architecture provides the foundations and environmental constant that human beings depend on to orientate their lives. It is always evolving, disrupting the status quo and having a negative impact on the environment due to the lifestyles of the human being.

In the present day, the world is deteriorating from actions of human beings and their lifestyles. Spaces contribute to this negative impact. Buildings are a part of humans lifestyle, therefore if we revert to making buildings sustainable, can we contribute to the decrease of global warming? “Yes we can”.

I aim to design a building which incorporates elements of sustainability through activities which individuals can carry out that lead to a cleaner lifestyle through carbon neutral means. Through this interaction between stability and change allows society to develop for the better.

In Nottingham, there is a decline in job employment due to COVID-19 as well as individuals finding it difficult to get employed. The recurrence of failed interviews and lack of progression has led to the deprivation of the population’s wellbeing. This resulted in poor mental state and wellbeing of people. Additionally, due to the rise in climate change and global warming, this has caused a negative impact on the city's environment. Individuals lack the knowledge about sustainability and therefore are less likely to implement these ideas into their lifestyle.

The building anticipated on being designed incorporates educational activities to inform the public about sustainability and allows for all people to engage with the subject as well as each other.

The connectivity between the psychological aspect and sustainability explores the idea of connections between individuals, the building and its environment. If the individual feels a sense of connection/ attachment to the building, they are more likely to value and appreciate the architecture and therefore create a sense of place identity. My building will aim to allow individuals to feel a connection to at least one activity or space in order to value the overall aim, to protect Nottingham’s environment.

Sara Motamedi
Student name
Sara Motamedi
BArch Architecture

BArch Architecture

The BArch (Hons) in Architecture course is focused on the creative and practical development of architectural design, investigated in a studio environment through a series of carefully considered practical and theoretical projects in a variety of spatial, social, cultural and topographical situations.

The purpose of the course is to align architectural concepts, thinking, techniques and values with current architectural thought and practice. It involves strategic thinking and creative imagination; problem-solving and research tasks; attention to detail and tectonic resolution; traditional and digital forms of representation; and public presentations and reviews. This course addresses the challenges of designing for diverse communities and cultures and develops Part 1 graduates with creative vision, practical skills and an ethical position in respect of the role of the architect in a globalised world.

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