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Health Research Facility, Nottingham

This five-storey building with one sub-level comprises of a mental health facility, general-purpose meeting rooms and research spaces. The basement is to be a mental health facility whereas ground floor and mezzanine will provide a waiting area and GP services. Level 1 of the building is for general purpose meeting and lecture hall along with library access. Level 2 is research based and consists of a café/computer lab. Level 3 is strictly for research purposes and access to it will be given on permission basis to students.

Zarrar Zahid
Student name
Zarrar Zahid
Architectural Technology
Heathcare Research Facility viewed off Shakespeare Street

Heathcare Research Facility viewed off Shakespeare Street


Total occupancy of 200-250 is ideal for the Healthcare Research Facility. The main design consists of flexible spaces created for students, keeping in mind building regulations and essential requirements demanded by the client, it has been constructed with utmost emphasis towards modern methods of manufacturing. Concrete framework, aluminium rain-screen cladding, cast stone has been used for building structure. Flexible and adaptive spaces have been the highlight of this building design to ensure future usage of the site can be efficiently smooth. Precautionary measures have been taken to ensure this building does not deteriorate over time and continues to function effortlessly for a long lifecycle.

Architectural Technology

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