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Diamond Spa, Purfleet

Arena Essex Raceway, Arterial Road, Purfleet, RM19 1AE

This scheme is a wellness spa located on Arterial Road West Thurrock in Grays. This is a two-storey building with a basement, designed with a long facade over the adjacent lake. Spa amenities such as massage rooms, thermal baths, saunas, steam rooms and a yoga studio are what you would find in this proposal. The bar lounge is enticed by the outdoor terrace and balcony overlooking the lake. The long scenic driveway adds to the effect of the scheme, accompanied by the spa gardens at the front. The 3,000 sqm spa has taken inspiration from Nordic spas and influence of Japanese wellness with an interior designed with biophilic elements. Locally sourced timber cladding panels make up part of the envelope of the spa, with the first floor envelope consisting over concrete mixed with ground white marble aggregate polished for a smooth surface. Excavated site material, chalk, in the form of a stone cladding will be the final envelope material. The spa contains an extensive sedum green roof to achieve a sustainability and low carbon designed facility.

Ravi Shah
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Ravi Shah
Architectural Technology
Spa Bar Lounge

Spa Bar Lounge

Diamond Spa

- To produce a space to accommodate public mental and physical health - To develop a sustainable design that will achieve a BREEAM Excellent certification - Incorporate biophilic design and natural elements - Create an experience within the spa, and scenic views through landscaping Facilities include: - Massage Rooms - Thermal baths and pool areas - Meditation areas - Fitness studios for yoga, pilates, tai chi - Indoor and outdoor botanical gardens - Juice café and bar lounge - Sauna and steam rooms

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