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Alban Theatre Development, St Albans

This development is for a new 1350-seat city centre theatre in St Albans, Hertfordshire. The proposal was recognised by the council to be the landmark building in a new 'Cultural Hub' that they wish to build in the area. St Albans already has an 850 people capacity theatre which is directly adjacent to this proposal although it is ageing and due redevelopment in the short to medium term future. This proposal is capable of working alongside the existing Alban Arena due to its increased capacity.

The 'Cultural Hub' is to form one part of a two-part regeneration programme called the 'City Centre Opportunity Site'. The south site is already under construction for commercial and residential whilst this proposal will be on the site to the north.

Jonathan Lacey
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Jonathan Lacey
Architectural Technology

Alban Theatre Development

The client picked up on some key elements that they wanted including within the design, one of the most important being off-street delivery lorry parking. This was achieved through adding a basement parking and turning circle space for lorries to delivery goods and park during shows. Access to the basement is through a delivery ramp from street level and then a hydraulic floor helps lift goods up onto the stage. Another design aspect is the flexible seating space on the ground floor, the front section of seats split up and can be moved into the basement to create a standing gig space or dance floor. This would help increase the capacity for some shows in comparison to using the theatre as an all seater venue.

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