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4 Thoughts Therapy Centre, Mansfield

A new and unique approach to mental illness treatment through the connection of the external environment with the patients and their therapy requirements.

The scheme creates a constant engagement with the surrounding nature, whilst creating a safe and comforting environment as a means of escape from the outside world.

Oliwia Tometczak
Student name
Oliwia Tometczak
Architectural Technology
North-East Elevation

North-East Elevation

4 Thoughts Therapy Centre

4 Thoughts is a mental health day therapy centre situated in Mansfield. The scheme aims to create an outpatient facility for mental illness sufferers through the incorporation of biophilic and biomorphic elements. To progress into contemporary architectural design in new build structures, the architectural approach utilises materials with minimal contrast to the harmony in design of the surrounding buildings, allowing for a significant focus on the connection with nature and its therapeutic values. Utilising not only the sense of sight, but also allowing for the engagement of the senses of smelling and hearing, the project becomes a unique development, setting a new standard for mental illness treatment and the importance of the surrounding environment for wellbeing.

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