NTU Architecture Subject Group

Interior Speculations Research Conference

Historically, notions of interiority have been subject to use across a wide variety of disciplines, including sociology, psychiatry, and architecture. Despite systematic efforts to dissect the latter into more distinct divisions of labour, practitioners and researchers continue to speculate on the variegated role of the interior in the architectural field, and the extent of its influence on a swathe of other related discourses.

In this spirit, as IAD at NTU continues to evolve from its modest origin, the inaugural Interior Speculations research symposium provides an accessible environment for the free exchange of ideas and scholarly works that aim to explore the tensions between practice and research in debates on the evolution of the contemporary interior.

Day 1

Dr. Manuel Ángel Macía
Session chair
Harry Foley
Things in Fields and Other Spaces: Social Histories of the Car Boot Sale.
Olivia Witcomb
The Role of Design and Nottingham's Skating Community.
Yen-Kang Yeh
Seeing Heterotopia in the Art-Audience-Gallery Space
Prof. Iain Borden
Public Space, Community and the Active Body - Skateboarding in the City.

Day 2

Nikoo Nikkar Esfahni
Session chair
Douglas Gittens
Authenticity of the Perspective and Representations of the Interior.
Saskia Warnes
Ethnography, Activism, and the Old Market Square.
Lily Riley
Social Housing and the North Kensington Community.
Prof. Carolina Rito.
Inside-out Practice Research.